Start taking online orders today and enjoy larger tickets, broader appeal, through your own branded app and Facebook page.

How it Works
Effortless Setup

We setup your online ordering and customize it for you.

Convenient Experience

Customers then browse your menu and place their orders on your site.

Automatic Relay

The order info is sent to your email, printer, tablet or Web dashboard.

Increased Business

You fill the orders and your customers eat happy!

About Us

Here at Foodie Order, we are a young and innovative bunch who love new flavors and catching a bite. What we don’t like is waiting to place our orders (and no one we know likes it either!).

That’s why we’ve created an online ordering platform that brings your restaurant the same powerful tools used by big restaurant chains around the world. Our dream is to see you on the same playing field as the big chains with their websites and mobile apps. No matter how small your restaurant may be, we can provide you a way to be more effective.

By offering your customers a more convenient way to place an order, we help to ensure you lock up as many sales as possible. To make things even easier, we want to save you time by installing, customizing, and launching your online ordering system for you!

We are totally committed to the success of our clients. Our obsession is helping you to operate more smoothly, reach more people, and make more money.

Our commitment to you is as great as your commitment to your customers. That’s why we are prepared to help you every step of the way. We will upload your menu, showcase your brand, and have you accepting online orders in no time.